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Weekly Dashboard

Weekly Dashboard : organiser sa veille d’informations par tableaux de bord

Weekly Dashboard est un nouvel outil de veille d’informations via des tableaux rassemblant vos fils RSS. Il s’agit d’un puissant lecteur et agrégateur de flux RSS sous forme de tableaux personnalisables. Il embarque un...

Feedbin: Private by Default

I want Feedbin to be the opposite of Big Social. I think people should have the right not to be tracked on the Internet and Feedbin can help facilitate that. Since Feedbin is 100% funded...
Winds engine

The Engine That Powers Winds

Winds is an open source RSS reader available in the form of software (MacOS, Windows, Linux) and online service. For those of you who don’t know, Winds (the popular open-source RSS and Podcast application)...

Feedbin let’s you subscribe to timelines

0 offers open RSS/JSON feeds for all the content published on it. The timeline feed is an aggregation of all posts from just the accounts you follow. Feedbin now takes advantage of the extra metadata available...
Google Reader - Trash Bin

Thanks, Google! [for leaving the RSS reader area]

It’s been just over five years since Google shut down the Google Reader. I was surprised to see a lot of people are still bitter with them about it, even though *ahem* independent alternatives continue to exist and...
Winds 2.1

Winds 2.1: Building Touch Bar Support for MacOS in Electron with React

Winds is a free, open source and multiplatform RSS reader (for MacOS, Windows and Linux). A Web version also exist. One of the newest and coolest innovations in the tech/hardware world as of...
NewsBlur - Logo

The NewsBlur Android app hits version 8.0 with a new Grid view

Long popular on the NewsBlur web app, the Grid view has now come to the Android app. Have a look for yourself… There’s even a wide and narrow grid view for ultimate customization. And the...
Feedbin - logo

Flux RSS : Feedbin va à l’essentiel, avec quelques surprises

Alors que Feedly ou Inoreader multiplient les fonctions pour convaincre, Feedbin mise sur la simplicité et une présentation impeccable des contenus pour attirer les utilisateurs. Sans publicité ni offre gratuite, il se permet quelques...
Newsblur - logo

NewsBlur, l’agrégateur RSS qui ne montre que ce que vous voulez

Face à l'intelligence artificielle d'un Google Actualités, NewsBlur propose d'entrainer à la main un agrégateur d'actualités ne mettant en avant que les articles que l'on souhaite. Mais il faudra en passer par une interface peu...
Illustration - Pine

Pine: a new online RSS reader, « river of news » style… and microblog client

Pine is an RSS reader, but it's also much more. Built for microblogs and photoblogs, Pine will feel like home no matter whether you're coming from a site like Twitter or Instagram. Pine has lots...