Illustration - Pluto

What’s Pluto?

A planet site generator in ruby
that lets you build web pages from published web feeds.

Getting Started

Step 1 – Add all web feeds to your planet configuration

Add all web feeds to add to your planet news site
to your planet configuration file.

Example – planet.ini:

title = Planet Ruby [rubylang] title = Ruby Lang News link = feed = [rubyonrails] title = Ruby on Rails News link = feed = [viennarb] title = Vienna.rb News link = feed =

Step 2 – Auto-build your planet news site

Use the pluto command line tool and pass in the
planet configuration file. Example:

$ pluto build planet.ini

This will

1) fetch all feeds listed in planet.ini and

2) store all entries in a local database, that is, planet.db in your working folder and

3) generate a planet web page, that is, planet.html using the blank template pack in your working folder using all feed entries from the local database.

Open up planet.html to see your planet web page. Voila!

Bonus: Try different templates/theme packs

Don’t like the look and feel of the built-in standard blank theme / template?
Use a different planet theme or design your own.

See the “Planet Templates” site for more free themes / templates including:

  • Blank – default templates; more »
  • News – ‘river of news’ style templates; more »
  • Top – Popurl-style templates; more »
  • Classic – Planet Planet-Style templates; more »

Screenshot – Preview


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