Imagine you are a fan of a product that you use every day. You use it so much that it becomes a part of your life. You enjoy it, learn from it, live v ith it. You know everything that happens with the product and every new feature that comes out. At some point in an unlikely event, you have the luck to meet the creator. Not only that, but he tells you he likes your skills and offers you a job. How would you feel?

I met Jordan Jordanov (the creator of Inoreader), back in 2011. I was sent from the company I was working for to help their company with the huge project they had at that time. Inoreader was not even planned back then. Innologica was not founded. I’ve worked with him for a small amount of time, but I’ve had direct observations on the way he worked.

Up until now, I can surely say, this is the most disciplined person I’ve ever met!

I was totally amazed by his accuracy and the amount of work he’s been doing for the company he worked for, for only 8 hours per day. Every day he was coming exactly at 8 am, 12 pm going for a lunch and finished the job at 5 pm for doing his father/husband duties. The great part about this is that he is the same person up until now, no matter how big Inoreader becomes!

Back then I also met Nikola Kostadinov (currently the managing partner of Innologica and a core developer), also part of the development team of Inoreader. This is probably the best developer I’ve worked with. He made me a real developer.



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