TR-NewsWall is a news reader push server for Linux computers. It’s main goal is to deliver breaking news as quickly as possible.

TR-NewsWall can fetch your preferred feeds from Twitter, Instagram and via RSS/Atom. It creates an endless stream of news pages and delivers them to all your devices. It can also render for big screens and wall projector. TR-NewsWall shows messages in full page and without any UI elements.

Live Demo

The below NewsWall instance makes use of… 80 Twitter feeds, 33 Instagram feeds and 16 RSS feeds.

If you watch the messages for a little while, you will likely catch some breaking news. You may also notice that there is something really unique about consuming news this way.

This particular NewsWall demo instance is running in “auto-mode”. You will not be able to advance messages manually. This and the ability to use your own custom mix of news feeds is why you would want to run your own NewsWall server.

If possible, switch your browser to full screen (F4) mode. (Btw, the real NewsWall server does not show a vertical scrollbar.)

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