Many people know that on a WordPress blog you can add /feed to just about any page to get the RSS feed for that page. There are, in fact, hundreds of different ways that you can create feeds from your WordPress blog. This can be quite helpful to autobloggers who want to pull only specific posts from a WordPress blog. You can also use these feeds in the Echo RSS Feed Post Generator plugin to automatically import content from them.

Below is a big list of most of the ways you can sort and filter WordPress blog feeds. Note that these may not work in all situations, depending on your permalink structure and certain plugins you may be using. You may need to experiment to find the feeds that work on your site. Also, a number of these parameters can be combined create even more specific filters. Again, these don’t always work in all cases so you will need to experiment some.

If you have discovered any queries to add to this list, please do share in the comments below.

General Feeds

Main blog RSS 2.0 feed /feed or /feed/rss2
RSS 0.92 feed /feed/rss
Atom Feed /feed/atom
RDF Feed /feed/rdf
OPML feed for blog links /wp-links-opml.php
All Posts Comments Feed /comments/feed
Single Post Comments Feed <post slug>/feed
Search Term Feed /?s=<keyword>

Category Feeds

Category Feed /category/<slug>/feed
Category Feed by ID /feed/?cat=<id>
Multiple Categories (any) /feed/?category_name=<slug>,<slug>
Multiple Categories (all) /feed/?category_name=<slug>+<slug>
Multiple Categories by ID (any) /feed/?cat=<id>,<id>
Multiple Categories by ID (all) /feed/?cat=<id>+<id>
Exclude Categories by ID /feed/?cat=-<id>
Exclude Multiple Categories by ID /feed/?cat=-<id>,-<id>

Tag Feeds

Tag Feed /tag/<slug>/feed
Tag Feed by ID /feed/?tag_id=<id>
Multiple Tags (any) /feed/?tag=<slug>,<slug>
Multiple Tags (all) /feed/?tag=<slug>+<slug>
Multiple Tags by ID (any) /feed/?tag_id=<id>,<id>
Multiple Tags by ID (all) /feed/?tag_id=<id>+<id>
Exclude Tags by ID /feed/?tag_id=-<id>
Exclude Multiple Tags by ID /feed/?tag_id=-<id>,-<id>

Author Feeds

Author Feed /author/<name>/feed
Author Feed by ID /feed/?author=<id>
Multiple Authors (any) /feed/?author_name=<name>,<name>
Multiple Authors (all) /feed/?author_name=<name>+<name>
Multiple Authors by ID (any) /feed/?author=<id>,<id>
Multiple Authors by ID (all) /feed/?author=<id>+<id>
Exclude Authors by ID /feed/?author=-<id>
Exclude Multiple Authors by ID /feed/?author=-<id>,-<id>

Feed Order

Order Descending (default) /feed/?order=DESC
Order Ascending /feed/?order=ASC
Order by Post Date /feed/?orderby=date
Order by Post ID /feed/?orderby=ID
Order by Author /feed/?orderby=author
Order by Title /feed/?orderby=title
Order by Date Modified /feed/?orderby=modified
Order by Parent ID /feed/?orderby=parent
Order by Comment Count /feed/?orderby=comment_count
Order by Meta Value /feed/?orderby=meta_value&meta_key=<name>
Random Order /feed/?orderby=rand

Date Filtering

Specific Year /archives/date/<year>/feed
Specific Month /archives/date/<year>/<month>/feed
Specific Day /archives/date/<year>/<month>/<day>/feed

Custom Types & Taxonomies

Custom Post Type /feed/?post_type=<post type>
Custom Taxonomy /feed/?<taxonomy name>=<value>


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