The best way to get started with Feedly is to add sources of information you already use. 

A source is a place where information comes from. When you add sources to your Feedly, you’ll be able to monitor them all in one place. 

To add a new source, start by clicking the ‘+’ icon in the left navigation bar.

Here are the details on the 11 (and counting!) different types of sources you can add to Feedly.

1. Trade publications

Search for essential trade publications by name, or paste the URL directly into Feedly to follow it.

Click ‘+’ in the left navigation bar, select the Websites tab and search for Harvard Business Review.

2. Blogs

Add niche industry blogs, personal interest blogs, or Medium publications to your feeds. 

Search for the name of a blog, or paste the URL directly into the Feedly search bar. 

To follow users, publications, or tags on Medium, there are some extra steps you need to take.

Follow blogs like The Verge.

3. News publications

Search for general news publications by name or URL. When you add them to Feedly, you can add them to a specific feed and keep your reading focused by topic or project.


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