We want to thank everyone who participated in the State of RSS survey (2020 edition). It means so much to us that so many of you are willing to take some of your precious time to help us out.

The survey was open for 4 weeks and more than 800 people participated. The total time that was spent answering our questions equals 7 working days. That’s a lot of choices made. 

Let’s go through some of the answers we found the most interesting. At the end we’ll share how you can download the data and reach your own conclusions.


The respondents were geographically diverse. The largest chunk was from the USA (23%), and from countries with english as the native language. (37%)


Average age was 38 (median was 35).


The respondents consisted of 82% males, 11% females, 2% genderqueer/non-binary/agender.


The respondents were a well educated bunch! Only 10% having a high school diploma or “less”.


The largest occupation by group was tech- or engineering-related. However, there was a definite long tail of occupations. We weren’t surprised by tech being the largest segment, but happy to see that there were many other occuptions finding use from RSS feeds.


About 80% considered themselves to be above average in “tech savviness”. What’s interesting is that women generally rated themselves lower than their male counterparts. It validates the existence of a confidence gap.


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