This is just one of those small releases that make total sense. We have a large number of FlipRSS users who integrate with their Mailchimp account. Up until now, you had to register by email or with a Google account. However, it makes much more sense if you are going to be connecting your Mailchimp account to FlipRSS to automate your multiple RSS feed email campaigns that you sign in with Mailchimp.

Easy RSS-to-Email with multiple RSS feeds
It’s now that little bit simpler to connect your Mailchimp account and create your automated multi-RSS feed campaigns. Once you register and add your API, giving you even more control, you can set up campaigns by selecting your templates and lists from within our campaign wizard.

Add multiple RSS feeds, choose which list and groups receive each feed, schedule and automate your campaign. Your subscribers get just the content they are looking for and it’s 100% automated.

Integrating with Mailchimp
We love Mailchimp. We’re Mailchimp users ourselves. We love their reporting and list management and being able to augment this with Multiple RSS feed campaigns is what we do best. We’re currently applying for partner status with Mailchimp and I hope we can continue to develop our integrations and offer even more value for Mailchimp users moving forward.

Security and Control
Signing in with your Mailchimp account uses the industry-standard oAuth2 protocol. OAuth2 is a secure sign-in option for users and is widely used, particularly where products are tightly integrated. Signing in with Mailchimp allows FlipRSS to access Mailchimp servers without passing user credentials or API keys. As a user, you can de-authorise FlipRSS from within your Mailchimp account at any time.

De-authorising applications in Mailchimp
You are in control so any time you want to de-authorise a service you sign up to using your Mailchimp account, you can do. Mailchimp has a really good article on this, but to summarise:

  • Log in to your Mailchimp account
  • Click ‘Account’ then Extras and choose API keys
  • In the ‘Authorise Applications’ section, you’ll be able to delete any applications listed

How can FlipRSS help you?

FlipRSS integrates with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor to automate multiple RSS feeds in email newsletters. Using advanced segmentation, FlipRSS enables your subscribers to select the content they wish to receive enabling the automated delivery of personalised content. FlipRSS clients are seeing big immediate increases in open rate, click-through-rate and subscriber satisfaction.

Once set up, newsletters are created, customised and scheduled automatically. Sit back, watch your email stats outperform your competitors and focus on creating great content.

We’ll help you get set up so get in touch.

Try FlipRSS here (30 days free, no credit card required).


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