Today, we have several modes and tools for consuming news. Browsers such as Opera, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge offer news integration right on their respective home screens. News providers are reaching more readers via social channels, which can get overwhelming at times. If you’re an RSS feeds lover, like many others on the GT team, there are a few worthy RSS Feed reader apps for iPhone. Feedly and Reeder 4, which was launched last year, are two of the best RSS readers on iOS.

Reeder vs feedly

Let me be clear. Reeder 4 is first and foremost an RSS reader app, while Feedly is primarily an RSS service that also offers an app and other functions for a better experience. The main objective remains the same for both the apps – a clean, clutter-free reading experience without information overload.

In this post, we are going to compare Reeder 4 and Feedly. The comparison will cover cross-platform availability, user interface, reading experience, features, price, and more. Let’s get started.

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Cross-Platform Availability

Reeder is exclusive to Apple platforms. Meaning you can only use the app on iPhone and Mac. Feedly is accessible on iOS, Android, and Web. Cross-platform availability lets you enjoy the same reading experience among the platforms.


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