The “Meat” of the method

The provided image gives you the core of the method, but I will elaborate further for the “Uninitiated”.

Many websites publish their content, or a subset thereof, as RSS feeds. RSS means “Really Simple Syndication” and is a structured methodology for offering news and articles in a format which standardized for access and interpretation by multiple viewers and viewing platforms.

This is not to say that the full content of most news sites is available via this method, however. Far from it. In fact many news sources limit the number of characters, lines, or even which articles are contained within the Feed.

Many news sources made the above shift (to limited Feed content) as a result of “content theft” (as they saw it) but other websites who were, in many cases, accused of wholesale copying of content from source sites.

But, enough about that. Today we will cover how you can use PowerShell to read the headlines and content from Reddit’s World News Subreddit, starting with the “Invoke-Restmethod” commandlet.

[-Method ]
[-MaximumFollowRelLink ]
[-ResponseHeadersVariable ]
[-StatusCodeVariable ]
[-WebSession ]
[-SessionVariable ]
[-Authentication ]
[-Credential ]
[-CertificateThumbprint ]
[-Certificate ]
[-SslProtocol ]
[-Token ]
[-UserAgent ]
[-TimeoutSec ]
[-Headers ]
[-MaximumRedirection ]
[-MaximumRetryCount ]
[-RetryIntervalSec ]
[-Proxy ]
[-ProxyCredential ]

This utility has a lot of options, but for today we will keep it simple with “$z = invoke-restmethod”.


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