The internet is a cavernous place. Opinion and insight can emerge from anywhere. Whether you’re new to Feedly or not, you want good, trusted publishers to teach you more about a certain topic, market or industry. 

Feedly already digests and presents updates from the sources you value. But to really stay ahead of the curve, it pays to search beyond the publishers you already follow – to the blogs, articles, reports, and debates that are turning heads, but almost buried among the noise online. 

That’s why we’ve given Feedly the ability to look further with Power Search across the web. It drills down into the specific information you want to find beyond your existing feeds and sources.

In this way, you can learn something new, discover new sources for future reference and easily share reputable insights with your colleagues and social network. It intersects the exact content you’re looking for with super-specific topics and publications. 

Here’s what Power Search across the Web does, and how to use it. 

Introducing Power Search across the web

Search is a relevance game. It’s easy to lose time in the wormhole of search engines. Meanwhile, the low hit rate of typical news aggregators and alert features can leave you pulling hairs out.



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