Jessica Rosenberg / October 10, 2017

We have fantastic news for all publishers and bloggers! We’ve been listening to your feedback and we think you’re going to love what we have to announce: Your RSS feed(s) can now be directed into a public Flipboard Magazine through our new self-service publisher site.

This additional way to curate your fabulous content will make it easier for you to get your blog posts in front of an audience passionate about the very things you’re writing about. That’s because when articles get flipped into Flipboard Magazines, based on what the articles are about, they get indexed, tagged, and distributed into Flipboard topics, many of which already have hundreds of thousands of readers (and sometimes millions).

To sign up for our new publisher community, visit and click on “Add your Content.” You’ll be redirected to your Flipboard Profile where you can click on “Create a new magazine.”

Flipboard Publisher Program Flow

There you’ll notice a new section called “sources” which is where you can submit your RSS feed for review so that someone on our team can ensure that it follows our RSS Guidelines. (Here’s how to find your RSS feed.)

Flipboard Publisher Program Flow

Once approved, the feed you’ve submitted will appear on Flipboard in the form of a Flipboard Magazine and you’ll be granted access to a publisher dashboard where you can manage your feed. You’ll also be able to create automated magazines for specific blog topics rather than your whole site by submitting category-based RSS feeds. Each feed will then appear as its own Flipboard Magazine.

Please note: in order to maintain the high quality of content that Flipboard readers are accustomed to, each submitted feed will be reviewed by a member of our team. We appreciate your patience as you wait to be updated on your publisher status.  

In the meantime—and even beyond being approved—we encourage you to keep curating Flipboard Magazines as it’s one of the best ways to keep your readers engaged. As always, you can manually add blog posts, your own photos, videos, music and podcasts from SoundCloud, and other items to any magazine. In fact, adding different kinds of relevant content gives your readers a well-rounded experience and perspective, not to mention that they get higher visibility and engagement on Flipboard. We think that you’ll find that combining an automated feed and hand-curation is a powerful way to create showstopping magazines and increase your readership.

To explore the details of our new publisher program and to be introduced to our new RED Bold, please visit.

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