[Curator’s note] RSS Ground is a paid platform to automate content discovery (through public feeds and/or youtr own feeds and/or manual import), content curation(via a build-in newsreader) and content sharing (through posting campaigns and/or content widgets).

According to recent announcements from eBay, its Dynamic Feeds Generator (eBay RSS Feeds Generator) will be deprecated very soon. Moreover, all affiliate links from the old eBay RSS feeds won’t be tracked and commissions won’t be calculated  beginning August, 2020.

To ensure our users’ uninterrupted experience with eBay, we have updated our  eBay Feeds generator according to the latest eBay developers documentation and API. You can now generate brand new eBay affiliate feeds. These new feeds will automatically contain your affiliate campaign IDs in product links. You will be able to see the conversions in your eBay affiliate accounts and enjoy commissions.

We have also added a few new filter options, such as “Product Condition” and “Shipping”.


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