Pine is an RSS reader, but it’s also much more. Built for microblogs and photoblogs, Pine will feel like home no matter whether you’re coming from a site like Twitter or Instagram.

Pine has lots of amazing features, and the only way to get them is by becoming a premium Pine member. By signing up for a premium Pine account, you’ll get:

  • A fast, clean timeline of posts from sites and people you follow! Keep up with the news and the people you care about in real-time!
  • Follow unlimited sites and users easily. Just search for them in the Pine index and click Follow, or add a site manually using it’s feed URL.
  • Save posts as favorites. Keep track of interesting posts from anyone you follow by favoriting them.
  • Post to your own site with Pine using the built-in WordPress integration. Simply add your site in your account settings!
  • Discover new, awesome people and sites to follow using Pine’s built-in search engine.
  • Import subscriptions from other services using Pine’s OPML import!

Developer Features

  • A Powerful Search API. Pine has a rich, and fully documented blog, microblog, photoblog search API that developers like you can use to integrate Pine’s search results into your own apps. If you’re building a feed reader, or other blogging service don’t waste your time crawling the internet looking for feeds and categorizing them; let Pine do it for you.
  • API trial access. The Pine API is open to the public. If you want to see if the Pine API is right for your business, check out the documentation, and get started with testing out Pine’s search results for yourself. If you decide to use the API in your production software, you’ll want to upgrade to a premium membership to avoid having your requests throttled.
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