RSS is an old style (really?) of reading regular update of some web data sources like news. By using an RSS reader to subscribe an RSS feed, you basically read the updated information without opening your browser to visit there. Think of how many news providers and some of your interested web sites you want the updates, you will know how much time you can save everyday.

Similar for Medium, you may have hundreds of writers you are following and you want to get the most updated stories feed in chronological order (Medium is kind of presenting them in random ???) to read them like your usual RSS reader. Thanks to Medium RSS feed provider, it allows you to creat a feed of your favorite writer by simple URL construct, e. g. mind own feed URL is

However, there are two pitfalls you need to overcome. Firstly, you need to find your following writers’ ID one by one using a web browser because their ID are only revealed in theURL. Secondly, the feed treats all the stories of the writer and his/her comments to other stories as a single item in the feed, this means you will be reading stories and all his/her reply. Therefore, given the time to construct and final results, it is not worth doing it.

Good news is that in Google Play store, there is an app called “RSS Reader for Medium”, it essentially does the above procedures in two steps. First, of course you download it, then you just input your Medium ID or one of your stories URL and it will do the remaining jobs, in the above example, the ID is den.teru. The end result will give you a familiar table format showing the stories from your following writers. However, at the end of the day, you still read stories by means of official Medium app, but it gives you some other added features to increase your reading experiences. For example, among your following writers, you can set some of them as favorite so that their stories will be organized in a separate folder and you can then read them first. Also, it keeps the history of what you have read or you can mark individual story as favorite, how many time you wanted to find a story you have read when you were taking to a friend and wanting to re-share it?

The most interesting and innovative feature of all is that you can impersonate a writer so that the feed of your following writers will be changed to his or her. By using this trick, you can explore the brand new world of writers that you have never met before. It gives you a chance to know your great writer reading habits.

Hope that you get something by reading it and it improves your reading experience. Thanks for reading and please give me some claps to let other easily find it.


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