[Curator’s note] This tutorial is dedicated to Eventbrite’s organisers, but you can easily get organiser’s ID (the number appearing in the URL of organiser’s page) to get the RSS feed.

Upon searching the web for ways of creating an RSS feed of events from your EventBrite page you’ll likely stumble upon a collection of unuseful links that aren’t particularly helpful. While RSS feeds aren’t used as often as they once were, they can, however, be incredibly useful for displaying information on another website or in another location such as an interactive kiosk.

One use-case, in particular, might be that you’d like to show a list of all your events on your website, RSS allows you to do this by manipulating the feed to get the information that you need, but that’s an article for another time.

Eventbrite actually has a hidden URL path that allows you to get a list of events but first, you need to find one very important bit of information, your Organiser Profile ID.

Retrieving your EventBrite Organiser ID

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