Did you know that you can subscribe to any Instagram user using RSS directly using any RSS feed reader?

Instagram happens mostly on mobile devices where users subscribe to users, post new media to their own accounts, and use other functionality to interact with other users or content on the site.

While there is an Instagram website as well for browsing user posts and tags, voting and downloading activity, it is fair to say that most user activity happens on mobile devices.

Some users may like the idea of subscribing to Instagram users using RSS. While that is good only for public posts that these users make on Instagram, it is a great way of keeping an eye on new posts of any number of users.

Best of all, it is not even necessary to have an Instagram account or a mobile device to use the functionality.

Creating RSS feeds for Instagram users

Instagram feed with RSS HubInstagram itself offers no RSS feed functionality which means that it is necessary to use third-party solutions for that.

One of the better solutions is porvided by RSS Hub, a free RSS feed generator that is available online. The default RSS feed Url for Instagram is…

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