You’ve invested in content, you’ve fought to grow your mailing list and you’re staring at falling open rates and low click-through-rates.

The problem isn’t email.

How do I know? I’ve seen newsletter statistics transformed overnight by making one small change.

Stop sending the same content to all your subscribers! Deliver content specific to your subscribers’ preferences.

Simply change your generic ‘sign-up to our newsletter’ form to include preferences. Mailchimp makes this really easy with their Groups functionality.

So now, when subscribers sign up to your newsletter they are telling you which of your content they really want to receive. How powerful is that!?

Importantly, it is not difficult or expensive to fully automate personalising your newsletters based on these preferences — thanks to RSS.

By creating RSS feeds for each content category (CMS like WordPress have RSS feeds enabled by default) you can use FlipRSS to fully automate your email campaigns and deliver customised newsletters to individual subscribers.

The results?

The first client we helped increased their click-through-rate to 750% above industry average and turned their newsletter into the number one source of online conversions for their business. In terms of ROI it offered better value than Social Media advertising and paid search by a significant margin.

I have heard this story repeated to me over and over again from new clients. And unsurprisingly too. Giving your subscribers the preference of what they receive will only increase their buy-in to your newsletter. They are much more likely to open it! Once they’re in, you’re only sending them content that interests them, so click-through-rates, traffic, and conversions all increase.

Happy subscribers = happy business.

Start a RSSevolution

If you invest in your content creation or have a business that relies on new content (real estate, job boards, news sites etc), then now is the time to rethink the value of your mailing list. A simple change will get your results back to the glory days of email marketing.

Using FlipRSS to power Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor RSS campaigns takes any hassle out of newsletter creation — once set up, newsletters are created, customised and scheduled automatically. Sit back, watch your email stats outperform your competitors and focus on creating great content.

We’ll even help you get set up.

Try FlipRSS here (30 days free, no credit card required).


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