You can get a pretty narrowed Google News RSS feed of aggregated news: search by keyword, geo position, time range, topic, etc. You just need to know the syntax. Unfortunately, Google does not provide any official documentation, so we’ll try to fill the gap.

We are open-sourcing a lot of our work and building our company in public. In this post, we would like to share all of our findings of Google News RSS feed (which appeared to be much more useful than we initially thought).


About two months ago Reuters killed their RSS feed. Without a notice.

I quickly wrote this article where I explained how you could partially fix it using a Google News RSS “hack”.

It went trending on HackerNews, so I believe RSS is not dead. In this post, I will write down all the Google News RSS syntax that I’ve been figuring out for a few months.

Why Google News RSS?

1. To integrate it into your RSS feed reader

2. Web scraping, or maybe “smart web scraping”. Google’s RSS feed contains the same data as Google News UI version (except the thumbnail image); however, it is:

  1. much easier to scrape
  2. the RSS page is super light
  3. you’re not getting blocked for doing many requests (not that fast as with UI)
If you want to know more about Google News UI vs RSS comparison, read this article of mine.

Our main News API solution does not depend on Google News; still, we took some time to understand how Google News works…

4 types of Google News RSS

There are 4 main feeds that could be generated. Here are one-liners for each one:

1. Top headlines – get the latest trending news headlines for your country

Example URL:

2. Headlines by topic – get the latest topic-oriented news headlines for your country

Example URL:


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