Twitter is full of insightful news and trends. But integrating those insights into your research flow can be overwhelming and time-consuming. We hear from users all the time that you want to be able to bring parts of Twitter into your Feedly feeds for research and monitoring trends.

Today, we’re excited to share the new Twitter Integration for Feedly!

You can follow Twitter accounts, hashtags, Lists, and searches. Even more exciting, Feedly can pull content from linked articles directly into your feeds. And Leo, your AI research assistant, can cut through the noise and prioritize or mute certain topics to make sure you only see tweets with essential information for your research.

Follow Twitter accounts in Feedly

Search for any Twitter handle in the Twitter Feeds tab, just like you would with any other source on Feedly.

When you search for an account, you’ll see two options: Tweets and Tweets with Links.

Follow Tweets to see all tweets from an account.

Follow Tweets with Links to follow only tweets from this account that link out to articles, videos, pictures, or any other type of external content, so that you can skip any tweets without external content. This option is great because:

  • If possible, we’ll extract the content of linked articles and make the content appear inline, just like any other article in your feeds.
  • You can create a Leo priority on both the tweet and the content of the article when it’s extracted. We’ll tell you more about Leo priorities in a second.


Search for an account, and then choose whether you want to follow all tweets, or only tweets that link to articles.


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