The biopharma space has become more and more competitive and it is now extremely tedious to scan through hundreds of articles every day to track down all the latest scientific and technological breakthroughs about a specific disease or condition you are interested about.

We’re excited to announce that you can now prioritize diseases and conditions with Leo, your AI research assistant.

Let’s walk through an example of how you could use Leo to prioritize diseases. Imagine you do market and competitive intelligence at a pharma company and you want to track clinical trials and regulatory updates about cardiovascular diseases.

Cut through the noise

You can train Leo to read your biopharma feeds and prioritize articles related to cardiovascular diseases.

Leo prioritizes cardiovascular disease articles in your Science Journals feed

Leo continuously reads the thousands of articles published in your feeds. It’s an efficient way to cut through the noise and keep up with the latest news about methodologies and clinical trials.

You’re in control

We’ve trained Leo to understand 5,000 diseases & conditions and 50,000 of their aliases from the MeSH database. This database belongs to the US National Library of Medicine and is used by leading websites such as PubMed and


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