Winds is a popular RSS and Podcast application powered by Stream – a service that allows you to build news and activity feeds in hours instead of months. Winds is 100% open-source and the frontend is easy to install in a local environment or in the cloud – a task that we will cover in this tutorial. To ensure that you make it through the tutorial, please make sure to complete all of the prerequisites.

Prerequisites 📚

As with any tutorial, there are some requirements that come with it. For this post, you’ll need to ensure that you have the following up and running, and ready to go prior to continuing on. If you decide to skip the requirements, you’ll likely get hung up at one spot – and we don’t want that to happen.

  1. An AWS account with IAM Access to S3 and CloudFront
  2. AWS CLI installed on your machine and configured
  3. Have Winds cloned from GitHub to a local directory

Creating a Bucket 🗑

First things first, head on over to the S3 console on AWS and create a bucket. I’m going to name my bucket “winds-2-0-hosted”, however, feel free to name yours anything you’d like! Click next and continue through the steps. We’ll be changing up some of the settings, so be sure to follow along. 😀


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