Open BazQux Reader on your mobile device. See it? Like it? Good! 😉

Left panel disappeared in desktop browser? Don’t worry, just make window a bit wider.

OK, today I’m rolling out one of the biggest updates in BazQux Reader history—web interface optimised for smartphones. And it’s not a kind of stripped down thing—it’s complete desktop interface with all the functions but readable on small screen. You get all view modes, comments, settings, search, filters, sharing and saving—everything.

For a long time I didn’t want to bother with mobile interface as there are a lot of great mobile apps that support BazQux Reader. But while these apps are great they still do not provide the same experience as BazQux website. Mobile feed reader apps works mostly like e-mail clients—they display one article a time and show a separate list of article titles. You need a lot of tapping and swiping to navigate. BazQux Reader is closer to modern social media feeds—continuous stream of posts where you just need to scroll down. It has a list view but it’s only one of many view modes.

I’ve asked a number my clients about what they miss most in BazQux Reader and most frequent answer was a better mobile experience. So I decided to take a leap and finally improve it.

Look at screenshots. As you see list view becomes multiline on narrow screen:

Swipe right to show feeds panel (or use hamburger button in top left corner). Here you could select or add feeds and open settings menu (settings button is next to the “Add subscription” button).
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