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RSS Circus Curation
Les articles écrits par d'autres sur le sujet de la syndication de contenu.
NetNewsWire 2019

NetNewsWire roadmap for 2019

NetNewsWire is a RSS reader for Mac. Brent Simmons, its creator is working on v 5.0 (but it’s not even in beta yet). Let’s look back at last year first. 2018: Evergreen to NetNewsWire As...

FlipRSS V 3: new release and price update

FlipRSS is a service wich helps automate newsletters feeded by several RSS feeds through Mailchimp or Capaign Monitor. Today we’ve released a number of upgrades to the FlipRSS system, most notably to the campaign...
Feedly deduplicate

Feedly works on a deduplication feature based on AI

The feature would be firstly implemented in Feedly Teams' plan  It is frustrating to be skimming through your feeds and run into duplicate articles. This happens for example when you have overlapping keyword alerts where...

Feedly lets you personnalize fonts in Web and mobile UI

Some free fonts are avaliable in the free plan, more in the pro plan. Feedly Labs has been a really interesting experience for us because it has helped us get a deeper understanding of...