Welcome to Magento “How to” tutorials. Today I am going to illustrate A Step by Step Guide to Setup RSS Feed in Magento 2. Take a look at the last tutorial article, How to Set Magento 2 Search Weight. Let’s dive in 🚀

RSS is an abbreviated name for RDF Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. RSS feed is an XML based data format that helps the users to get timely updates from the websites who have subscribed for the upgrades and advertisements. Doing this eliminates the need to manually check for updates.

The customers can subscribe to RSS feed of their desired websites and any new products, specials, categories, or discount offers are automatically sent to them if it is enabled. To read an RSS feed, you require Feed Reader. Many feed readers are available and Google Reader is one of them that is available for free.

Steps to Setup RSS Feed for Magento 2:

Step 1: Log in to the Admin board

  • Navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration

Setup RSS Feed for Magento 2

  • From the upper-left corner select the Store View for which you want to configure RSS feed.
  • From the left side, extend the Catalog tab and select RSS Feeds.

Step 2: From the Rss Config segment, set Enable RSS field to Enable.


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