RSS readers offer the most convenient way to read news and other latest updates published by websites. A good RSS reader can syndicate and fetch all the imported feeds of websites in one place. We are already discussed about several reader apps available for Mac and Windows platforms.

These RSS readers are helpful to organize all the favorite feeds in one place. For Android, there are several RSS feed apps are available to read favorite feeds on the go. Each app is uniquely designed and lets you customize the feeds the way you want.

In this article, I handpicked the best RSS readers for Android.

1. Feedly

Feedly is a very popular name among the feed readers in the industry. It has gained a lot of popularity after the Google Reader demise. The app is designed for both novice users to advanced readers. It is a pretty good app to syndicate all your feeds in one place. Feedly is available for all major platforms and you can sync the new feeds across all platforms.

Adding a new feed is dead simple in the Feedly. You don’t need to know the exact feed URL of a website. Just use the Feedly search bar and type the website or blog name you want to add. The real-time search shows the list of related feed URL in the search results. Now add the website or blog feed you are looking for in the results. You can also create boards and pin favorite feeds in the list. As we discussed earlier, it is useful for both basic news lovers to content creators to organize feeds in one place. Feedly is our first recommendation to our audience.

2. Aggregator

The Aggregator is a minimalistic feed reader available for Android. The app is completely free and you won’t get disturbed with advertisements. It is very easy to add any kind of feed in the app user interface. In our testing, we found the app is pretty fast to fetch all the feeds added in the program. Also, we found the features of the Aggregator is available as required to maintain a feed, and you won’t find any fancy features in the app.

3. Inoreader

Inoreader is an advanced feed reader for everyone. If you are looking for additional features which make reading more convenient in RSS app, Inoreader is the best suggestion for you. Unlike other RSS reading apps which shows only limited text in feeds, Inoreader will show the full content. When you swipe down the app, it downloads all the latest content published by websites. The sync speed is pretty fast and when you connect to the Internet, the Inoreader instantly fetches all the feed content in a few seconds.



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