10 Best RSS Readers for Ubuntu


Even if most of the tech experts actively claim that RSS (Rich Site Summary) is dead especially after Google Reader was discontinued 5 years ago but it isn’t yet as still many people rely on RSS to get the latest news, podcasts, videos etc. and almost every website is still offering an RSS feed.Many users who are new to the Linux environment might find it difficult to choose the best RSS reader for Ubuntu. So today we are coming up with top 10 RSS readers for Ubuntu from which you can choose the one that best suits you.

1. Liferea

Liferea, also known as Linux Feed Reader, is a simple online news feed reader. Liferea is free, lightweight, and fast news aggregator for Linux which is very easy to use.

Liferea offers features such as sync support with TinyTinyRSS and it also lets you read feed content offline too. To install Liferea you can go to Ubuntu Software Centre or you can also install it by running following command in Terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install liferea

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