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RSS Circus Curation
Les articles écrits par d'autres sur le sujet de la syndication de contenu.
Screenshot - The Old Reader

The Old Reader, un agrégateur de flux RSS pour la veille entre amis

Alors que Feedly multiplie les fonctionnalités pour attirer les amateurs d'automatisation et les entreprises voulant une veille collaborative, The Old Reader mise sur un service presque dépouillé. Simple et efficace, ce gestionnaire de flux...
Illustration - River of news

Rufus: a minimalistic and open source RSS reader, « river of news » style

Rufus is a free, open-source web based RSS reader, designed to be both simple and fast. It can be built and managed locally following the instructions below, or accessed at the public instance. Rufus...
Screenshot - Feeder

Feeder gets a brand new Web reader

  Today we’re proud to announce the next exciting step in Feeder’s journey: The Web Reader 2.0. Since the announcement that AOL Reader and Digg Reader were shutting down we’ve been working our butts off to...
Illustration - Classification

Netvibes Premium semantic classification in action ( part 1)

Since our announcement, a couple of weeks ago, we have received a lot of interest and numerous questions on how it works on a real case. So, let’s take an example: The BPI (Banque Publique d’Investissement) who,...
Illustration - Linux

14 best RSS feed readers for Linux in 2018

There is a wealth of information on the web that you probably want to keep up to date with; from news, to how tos, guides, tutorials and more. Imagine having to visit, on a...
Illustration - Cappuccino

[Test] Le meilleur client RSS pour mac et iOS ? Découvrez Cappuccino !

A-t-on déniché le meilleur client RSS pour mac et iOS ? Les flux RSS ne sont, en tout cas, pas morts. En témoigne la récente sortie de Cappuccino, un logiciel édité par Nebula SRL...
Illustration - Wren

Wren: an open source news discovery system with natural language processing, feeded by RSS

Wren is a tool that enables users to monitor, discover and explore daily news stories. As some readers (including myself) want to read the news beyond their cozy filter bubble, Wren has been designed as...
Illustration - Robotic Girl

How to Automate Your Twitter Feed for Free [via Microsoft Flow]

Okay, first things first. I am not a black hat marketing person and automating aspects of who you are online needs to be carefully planned and details need to be considered. From my point...

Feedly, l’agrégateur de flux RSS grand public passé au crible [article payant]

En mars 2013, Google Reader fermait. Nombre de services sont apparus pour les internautes orphelins. Parmi eux, Feedly est le plus consulté aujourd'hui. Passage en revue de ses fonctions, de ses forces et faiblesses, dans le premier...