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RSS Circus Curation
Les articles écrits par d'autres sur le sujet de la syndication de contenu.
Illustration - Twiter2RSS

Reclaiming Time with Twitter-as-RSS

I’m sure there’s a german word for that moment when you close Twitter then think to yourself “I wonder what is going on over at twitter-dot-com” and immediately open it back up. It was...
Illustration - Veille

RSS, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn et les autres : surveille-t-on vraiment la même chose ?

Il y a une dizaine d’années, la surveillance des flux RSS étaient au cœur du processus de veille et offrait un moyen simple et efficace pour suivre les nouveautés d’un site sans se rendre...
FlipRSS 2.2

FlipRSS 2.2: better sync with MailChimp or Campaign Monitor

We’ve made some subtle tweaks to FlipRSS in response to feedback. the changes in version 2.2 have benefits for FlipRSS users and their subscribers. The latest release for FlipRSS contains some minor additions including a...

Complete Guide: How to fix WordPress RSS feed errors?

WordPress RSS feed errors are very common errors on your WordPress website. If you are facing any problem to fix RSS feed errors, then keep reading this guide. Here, we have two methods to...

10 Best RSS Readers for Ubuntu

Even if most of the tech experts actively claim that RSS (Rich Site Summary) is dead especially after Google Reader was discontinued 5 years ago but it isn’t yet as still many people rely...