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Podcasting is not walled (yet)

I’ve launched two podcasts recently (check out EmacsCast) and received lots of feedback. One of the perplexing things people said was “that’s great, but how do I subscribe, it’s not on iTunes/Google Podcasts?” I had...
Play Digital Signage

Play Digital Signage now supports Media RSS and RSS Ticker

Over the last week we’ve been quietly rolling out a new version (1.10.0) of our player supporting RSS feeds. Namely we’ve implemented support for 2 types of RSS. Media RSS MediaRSS is an extension to RSS...
Podcast - 3

Podcasting’s next frontier: a manifesto for growth (beyond the already converted)

Editor’s note: This piece is based on a talk by Tom Webster, the vice president of strategy for Edison Research, which (among other things) is probably the leading research firm for the podcast industry. It...

Feedbin let’s you subscribe to timelines

0 offers open RSS/JSON feeds for all the content published on it. The timeline feed is an aggregation of all posts from just the accounts you follow. Feedbin now takes advantage of the extra metadata available...
FeedPress API

FeedPress API: brand new methods!

Since FeedPress’ wee early years, it’s had a fairly robust and easy to use POST or GET method API, with answers formatted in JSON (YAY). This has given developers access to many parts of...
Google Reader - Trash Bin

Thanks, Google! [for leaving the RSS reader area]

It’s been just over five years since Google shut down the Google Reader. I was surprised to see a lot of people are still bitter with them about it, even though *ahem* independent alternatives continue to exist and...

Livemarks extension restores Live Bookmarks support in Firefox

Livemarks is a brand new browser extension for the Firefox web browser that restores Live Bookmarks functionality in the web browser. Mozilla announced plans recently to remove Live Bookmarks support from the Firefox browser. The...
Winds 2.1

Winds 2.1: Building Touch Bar Support for MacOS in Electron with React

Winds is a free, open source and multiplatform RSS reader (for MacOS, Windows and Linux). A Web version also exist. One of the newest and coolest innovations in the tech/hardware world as of...
RSS Logo 02

Les flux RSS, maintenant !

Framablog s'est inspiré ici d'un article rédigé par Aral Balkan le 29 juin 2018 (que nous avions relayé ici) et qui avait été abondamment commenté sur le Web. Il n’y a pas si...
Google News to RSS

URL format for Google News RSS feed

In a recent StackOverflow thread, Robin Anderson, CTO of DigiExam, had a brilliant response about the RSS feeds formats in Google News Found an up-to-date library (1) that uses Google News RSS. The URL...